June 07, 2019

Four Essential Skills of a Change Leader

Experts say executives must refine their skills to lead organizations through value-based evolutions, technology snags, and the grueling pace of change.

May 02, 2018

Five Ways to Cultivate a Rising Healthcare Leaders

There are many different ways to cultivate emerging leaders, but the most successful organizations incorporate five critical aspects:

1. Identify potential leaders

2.  Offer mentoring

3. Provide challenges

4. Let them lead

5. Recognize accomplishments

May 02, 2018

Top 6 Books Health Execs Should Read in 2018

How many of these books have you crossed off your list? 

January 04, 2017

How Trump will change four major healthcare programs, initiatives

The unexpected election of Donald Trump, the return of a Republican House and Senate in 2017, and the appointment of Rep. Tom Price, an ardent Obamacare opponent, as HHS Secretary, portends a year of enormous change for this country’s healthcare industry.  What is likely to change, how much will it change and how disruptive will the changes be are the questions on everyone’s mind. ~ Managed Healthcare Executive, 1/4/17

November 02, 2016

Three healthcare questions to consider as election 2016 approaches

As we head into the final stretch of the 2016 election, it’s important to step back from the fiery rhetoric and hyperbole that defines political campaigns and try to assess the real impact this election could have on the future of the managed healthcare industry. ~ Managed Health Care Executive, 10/8/16

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