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In addition to retainer and interim leadership services, our team has delivered a variety of projects to our clients.

DeltaSigma Healthcare Consulting - Strategic Plans
Planning for What Ifs

Why have a plan based on a template that can be utilized for any company – from retail to high tech. We develop strategic plans that are based on experience in the healthcare industry.  We understand why your mission and vision are important and deliver plans that can take advantage of your strenths while preparing for the future. Our plans take into account customer requirements, the competitive environment, industry trends and governance. We'll work with your executive team and Board of Directors (if applicable) to develop a plans for the future.

DeltaSigma Healthcare Consulting - Growth and Diversification
Growth and Diversification Plans

We work with our clients develop ways to increase marketshare and to reach new customers.  Whether it's a service area expansion, new product development or a marketing initiative aimed at your current client base, we can help you attain your goals. We have successfully developed new lines of business including: Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, long-term care, individual and group health insurance products, healthcare marketplace and integrated care products.  Our targeted growth plans include marketing to specific customers, e.g., government agencies, health plan members, and providers.

DeltaSigma Healthcare Consulting - Growth and Diversification - Scenario Plans
Scenario Planning

First developed by the military as a way of being prepared for all potential situations, we've successfully adapted scenario planning for our clients in this tubulent healthcare market. We use scenario planning to help our clients identify, evaluate and prepare for all contingencies. 

DeltaSigma Healthcare Consulting - Best Practices
Healthcare Industry Best Practices


We help our clients understand and find industry best practices. Because of our unique experience in the healthcare, we have sight lines into companies across the country that sit on the cutting edge of their fields. We bring these insights to our clients.


These best practices cover the following:

  • Clinical cost drivers

  • Operations and organizational structures

  • Management practices

  • Marketing and growth

  • Digital health

  • Outsourcing and vendor engagement

Best practices are evaluated related to organizational structures, current capabilities,  and use of technology.  Provider relationships and network clinical approaches are also included.

DeltaSigma Healthcare Consulting - RFI
RFI Development


Often a full-blown RFP isn’t the best first step when seeking to find a vendor partner for outsourcing. RFIs can be utilized to gain insights into best practices and used to develop an RFP (if necessary) or determine a complete scope of services for a contract. 

Our experienced team provides a comprehensive RFI solution:

  • Evaluate the need for outsourcing

  • Develop an RFI response tool

  • Aid in developing an RFI distribution list

  • Develop a customized evaluation/score sheet

DeltaSigma Healthcare Consulting - Innovavative vendors
Innovative Vendors Identification

Today's healthcare enviroment limits the ability of health plans to deliver all services internally. Our experience working with Association Preferred Vendor Programs provides us with many opportunities to identify those vendors who can deliver results. We can help you identify and qualify the best vendors to meet your needs in areas that include:


  • Alternative care delivery services

  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Data analytics

  • Healthcare portals

  • Integrated behavioral and physical healthcare

  • Intensive care management

  • Population health

  • RFP response

  • Risk adjustment and revenue management

  • Technology solutions

  • Value-based care

DeltaSigma Healthcare Consulting - Crisis and Interim Management
Interim Management

We step in to fill gaps left when team members leave and have also helped repair key customer relationships when the unfortunate has happened. Our experienced team can be up-to-speed quickly and help you turn a negative situation into a positive one as we work with your team to develop long-term solutions.

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